Acrylic sheets are one of the most useful and versatile materials. They are perfect for bathroom and kitchen surfaces, furniture, glazing, signs, awards, jewellery, decorations and more. Acrylic sheets are also easy to maintain, shatter resistant, UV resistant, and cheaper than glass. At Acrylics Online you can buy sheets in a wide range of thicknesses, colours and finishes.

Bathrooms and kitchens:

Bathroom with a red acrylic sheet splashback

Our sheets are perfect for decorating your bathroom and kitchen. Acrylics sheets are easy to clean and maintain which means they are food safe and hygienic. You can use them to create shower wall panels, bathroom splashbacks, counter top surfaces and more.
Once installed they create a smooth, hard wearing and watertight finish. Using acrylic sheeting in your bathroom will eliminate the need for grouting. Acrylic sheeting is incredibly quick and easy to install, and almost anybody can do it.

Acrylic sheets can also be used to create sink splashbacks, kitchen surface splashbacks and cooker splashbacks. Unlike kitchen tiles and glass splashbacks, acrylic sheeting is shatter resistant, recyclable, lightweight and can be ordered pre-cut. Fitting kitchen splashbacks is incredibly easy. Once your sheet is the right size, it is time to peel away its protective plastic, apply your adhesive, and attach the sheet to a clean and dry surface. You should then wipe away any excess adhesive and wait for it to dry.  Generally speaking, you should leave a 1mm gap at the top and bottom of your panel to ensure that the panel fits with minimal movement. If you are fitting your sheets around sockets and switches a 3-5mm gap should be left around the socket face. At Acrylics Online you can find all the sheeting and accessories you need to create your dream bathroom and kitchen. 


You can also use acrylic sheeting for furniture. It is 17x stronger than glass, resistant to chemicals and has a low moisture absorption rate.
There are many benefits to acrylic sheeting. You can cut, drill and mold acrylic sheets to a suit a range of applications including display cabinets, wine racks, table tops and more. One of the advantages of using acrylic to make furniture is that scratches and scrapes don’t have to be the end. Acrylic is both durable and changeable, so scratches and scrapes can be buffed away


Our acrylic sheeting is the perfect solution to a cold or noisy home. It is a great alternative to glass and can be used as secondary glazing. Our acrylic secondary glazing units can create an air-tight perimeter on any window frame. They can also be used to soundproof windows inside the home. Magnetic secondary glazing is perfect if you want to be able to remove or replace your glazing. It can also be used on temporary windows due to its UV and weather resistance. Our magnetic secondary glazing is easy to install, cheaper than glass and only requires a handful of fittings. 

Acrylic signs and signage: 

Clear acrylic plastic sheet used to create a house sign

Our acrylic sheeting is just what you need to create signs, sign fittings and advertising stands. You can apply paint, screen prints, and vinyl appliques to acrylic to create eye-catching signs for businesses, retail stores, restaurants, house address signs, nameplates and more.

Using acrylic to create signs is incredibly simple. Our 7mm thick acrylic is perfect for most signs. To start you should polish the edges of your acrylic sheet and clean the surface of your sheet using a lint-free damp sponge. You can then use screen printing, painting or vinyl appliques to decorate your sheet and create your sign. Screen printing is suitable for making large numbers of signs and involves the application of paint in a fluid uniform motion. You can paint an acrylic sheet using an atomizer spray gun and use masking to shield areas from paint. Finally, you can apply vinyl appliques to acrylic sheets to create signs. Ultimately, ordering from Acrylics Online could be the solution to your sign making needs. 

Trophies and Awards: 

You can use acrylic sheets to make distinctive trophies and awards. Acrylic sheets are lightweight and can be molded into a near endless variety of shapes. They are easy to clean, maintain and cheaper than glass. 
We stock a wide range of colours, finishes and thicknesses for all your award making needs. 

Clear acrylic plastic sheet and paint used to create pendant

Jewellery and Decorations:

You can use acrylic sheets to create stylish and unique jewellery  and decorations. Acrylic sheets are easy to cut, drill, mold and shape. Using a 3mm thick acrylic sheet, a laser cutter, and eyelets or hooks you can make almost any design. You can create everything from earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, keyrings and more. Acrylic sheets can also be used to create cake toppers and other decorations including table decorations, name plagues, table numbers and more. This means that acrylic can add the perfect touch to weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. You can also use acrylic to decorate your home and create vases, light displays, ice buckets and more.  


Acrylic glazing can also be used in race cars, boats and other vehicles.  The thermoformability and durability of acrylic makes it suitable for use in trim rings, speaker grilles and race car switch panels. Plastic sheets tend to yield under extreme conditions. This means they can be molded into race car body parts.